SIMPHS 2- Strategic Intelligence Monitor on Personal Health Systems

The Digital Agenda has as part of its objectives to both cope with societal challenges and create opportunities for innovation and economic growth by reducing health inequalities, promoting active and healthy ageing and increasing empowerment. As part of SIMPHS2, The Citizen Panel Survey was carried out to better assess users and patients' needs and expectations with regard to ICT for health.

The analysis of user demands from this survey aimed to: (i) develop typologies of digital healthcare users and measure the impact of ICT and the Internet on health status, health care demand and health management; and (ii) identify factors that can enhance or inhibit the role and use of Personal Health Systems from a citizen's perspective.

The data of the survey is available here.

SIMPHS 2 Deliverables

SIMPHS 2 Factsheet
(version of May 2012)

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