SIMPHS 3 - Strategic Intelligence Monitor on Personal Health Systems

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SIMPHS3 validation workshop - 19 May 2015, Brussels

The aim of the workshop was to discuss with experts from the field:

  • the key findings from the project
  • address potential gaps and open issues
  • discuss what knowledge/research may be needed to make further progress with ICT-supported integrated care in the EU

The views from the experts will serve to finalise the various reports and develop policy recommendations.

The workshop minutes are available here.

The following presentations were held:

  1. Welcome and brief introduction, Fabienne Abadie, IPTS
  2. ICT-enabled integrated care & independent living – Learning from best cases from the EU and other regions
  3. Guidelines for the implementation of ICT enabled integrated care, Wilco Graafmans, Fabienne Abadie, IPTS
  4. Models of organisation - Results from the SIMPHS3 cross-case analysis Fabienne Abadie, IPTS
  5. Indicator of care integration through ICT, Wilco Graafmans, Fabienne Abadie, IPTS
  6. Mapping of eHealth market stakeholders, products & prototypes, Fabienne Abadie, IPTS
  7. Research on eHealth, integrated care and independent living, the end of a journey, Fabienne Abadie, IPTS



Fabienne Abadie