eID Barriers Project

Study on technical, organisational and legal barriers to the integration of the EU digital identity sector


Starting date: End of October 2006
Duration: 6 months (Final Deliverable: April 30, 2007)

Objective:The objective of the study to be provided under this service contract is to report on technical, organisational and legal barriers to the EU-wide deployment of digital identification technologies, detailing the issues at stake for Europe.

Description: The study should provide a list of maximum 15 barriers that are either the most interesting and/or the most challenging, clearly describe and analyse these barriers, and finally propose relevant research and policy options for the removal of barriers to EU-wide deployment of eID. In particular, the study should anticipate the likelihood of the goal being achieved, and on the time-frame for achieving that objective.

It is anticipated that digital identity technologies impact on the one hand economic growth and on the other the development of a "trusted Information Society". The IPTS, which has in the past been engaged in research on similar topics, will contribute to shaping the development of a supportive policy framework. It is expected that the study deliverables will contribute to: (a) achieving a deeper understanding of the challenges, opportunities and threats in overcoming barriers to the EU market for eID from the point of view of the European policy-maker; and (b) raising awareness and helping promote an advanced understanding of the eID research and policy climate.

Policy relevance

The results of the project will be of high policy relevance and it is anticipated that they will have a considerable impact on European policy making process through feeding the commission's communication on RFID in Europe. Policy recommendations raised within the project may concern such aspects as: standards, spectrum allocation, regulations for the market, data protection issues, security, individual liberties.



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  • Workshop on "Investigating barriers to the integration of the EU Digital Identity Sector"

    London , February 28 – March 1, 2007

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  • Planned Final Report, April 2007

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Project Leaders: Boris Rotenberg and Ioannis Maghiros