Expert Workshop: Exploring the Future of Mobile Search

9th June 2010 (Ghent)


The "Exploring the Future of Mobile Search" workshop was organised by the IPTS as part of the CHORUS+ Project and was held on 9 June in Ghent, Belgium, within the 9th Conference of Telecommunication, Media and Internet Techno-Economics (CTTE).

The main objective of the workshop was to gain insights into the techno-economic and socio-economic trends in mobile search and their impact on the European Economy and Society, in particular with respect to the new search services arising from the unique features of mobile devices and mobile environments, e.g. context-aware or location-based services, social (network) search, and interfacing with the “Internet-of-Things”.

The workshop was organised to discuss and analyse the following aspects of mobile search:

  • Market Dynamics. Painting the landscape of mobile search, including the current business models of providers of mobile search and the leading search engines (e.g. strengths, entry barriers, differences amongst them, etc.) and describe their value chain.
  • Future Prospects. Identifying emerging techno-economic trends, discussing likely developments and the future market structure in the domain of mobile search.
  • SWOT Analysis. Exploring the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats (SWOT) for the European Union with respect to mobile search, focusing on economic drivers and the challenges influencing the future of search engines, as well as any other impediments (of regulatory, technical, economic, or social nature) that may hamper successful deployment in Europe.

Workshop report

The full workshop report is available here.

Workshop presentations

  • Introduction to the workshop Stavri Nikolov, European Commission, JRC-IPTS and Loretta Anania, European Commission, DG INFSO
  • Mobile search: market opportunities and innovation potential - Invited keynote speech (coming soon)
    Peggy Anne Salz is the founder, chief analyst and publisher of MSearchGroove, a rich online source of analysis and commentary of mobile search, personalization, recommendation, social media and mobile advertising.
  • Future Internet Public-Private Partnership
    Bernard Barani, European Commission, DG INFSO


Session 1: Socio-economic aspects of mobile search


Session 2: Technologies and interfaces

  • Key differentiating technologies for mobile search
    Michel Plu is a senior research engineer at Orange Labs. His daily work is now a mix of conducting research on semantic technologies applied to information retrieval and managing development project for operational services on Orange web and mobile portals.
  • Discover, don't search
    Georg Treu is the technical founder of Aloqa. He has 30+ journal and conference publications and holds several patents in the location-based services (LBS) space.


Session 3: Services, applications and business models

  • Mobile search in a touch-centred world
    Steve Ives is founder and CEO of Taptu Ltd, a mobile search company based in Cambridge, UK and Denver, USA which has recently received several the 2010 Meffys award for Best Content Discovery and Personalisation Service.
  • Multimedia search for the mobile web
    Pierre Scokaert the founder of Opensugar, a company specialized in the commercialization of mobile web services for operator portals,  ABphone, a multimedia search engine specifically designed for mobile users and he created Airbuzz, a company that helps independent artists market their music on mobile phones.


Workshop and Think-Tank Roundtable discussion of future trends and directions covering the technological and socio-economic aspects of Mobile Search 

  • All previous speakers and Margherita Bacigalupo (EC, IPTS), Stavri Nikolov (EC, IPTS), Pieter van der Linden (Technicolor)


The “Think Tank” minutes are available on the CHORUS+ project website