Economic Aspects of eHealth

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The SIMPHS research project was initiated in the context of the European Commission's Lead Market Initiative (LMI).

This initiative had identified eHealth as one of the highly innovative markets ('lead markets') for which there is a clear demand and a strong European industry base, and where public policy has an important role to play. Telemedicine/homecare and personalised health systems and services had been highlighted by the eHealth Taskforce report in 2007 (in preparation of the LMI) as one of the areas where strong growth was predicted and where European companies were believed to be well placed to seize the new opportunities arising in the European eHealth market and also the world markets.

In the meantime, the challenges faced by European Member States in healthcare have become more pressing. Integrated care and independent living solutions such as Remote Patient Monitoring or more widely telehealth and telecare represent an opportunity to reorganise care, increasing the efficiency of care delivery, improving health outcomes and quality of life.  Furthermore, they contribute to growth by creating large scale markets for innovative products and services which address the needs of an ageing population.
By investigating the development of integrated care and the factors that contribute to its successful implementation, the SIMPHS research project contributes to removing barriers to wider eHealth deployment and raises awareness of innovative initiatives.

More information on SIMPHS1 and SIMPHS2 research outcomes as well as SIMPHS3 current activities will be published soon.


Fabienne Abadie